18. “Look Good In Leather” – Leather


Do you look good in leather?

From Tom of Finland, to the Laird Hotel… We’re delving into all things leather this week and it’s a very well polished show!

Current reigning Laird Leatherman James Addinsall joins us in the studio to usher in the new era of leather royalty. Kevan and Justin – our potential new leather men for 2018 are along to chat about why they decided to throw their harness in the ring and vie for the title, and sash, to represent the leather community.

Code Black! Code Black!…is sold out

We also talk to Laird Hotel’s Brett Lasham about the series of events across A Week of Leather – for which the leatherman competition is the crown jewel. We talk jocks, hand jobs, bondage, community engagement and the SOLD OUT Code Black event!

The Hide and Seek Sexperts had a bit of a movie fest with the film Mr. Leather – a peak backstage at an L.A. leather competition, what leather means to the contestants, and why someone goes through preparations to vie for a title.


…And more tomorrow!

We’re crossing over will Well, Well, Well this week – and Brett will be joining Hide and Seek’s Michael and Jessie from Well, Well, Well to talk MORE leather, community, and supporting positive women in men only spaces! Listen live 8pm Thursday on JOY or grab the podcast at


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Want more?

We really packed it in this week. We have TONNES of sextras after we were unable to give it to you last week. MORE from the GLLOs, MORE from Pup and John our fabulous beat-goers, MORE from Mickael talking about the beat photography project, and we talk about The Tearoom cruising video game and the real life secret police surveillance project that inspired it – plus more beat safety, censorship, and racial segregation. Sextras are EXCLUSIVE for the podcast, so this extra content never made it to air on JOY!

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