Hide and Seek Podcast on JOY 94.9 STIs Does this look funny to you? It’s time to treat yourself to some information on STIs

Up to date with all the latest on STIs?

Michael and Liam are joined by Emen8 and PrEP’D For Change’s Chris Williams to scratch at an itch – and that itch is STIs – Sexually Transmitted Infections if ya nasty!

From bighting bugs to bothersome bacteria we delve into what the STI landscape is like for gay, bi, and queer men in 2018.

What’s PrEP got to do with it?

We look at the rise of PrEP and the rise of STIs – but are they connected or even related at all? And are all those darned PrEP users just riddled with all manner of pesky parasties?

WTF is Mycoplasma Genitalium?

As well as the main stay STIs – the new kid on the block when it comes to STIs in MG. Mostly unnoticed, hard to treat, oh god – do we need to worry? (Have you listened to the intro to our show… don’t panic!)

We venture into the realm of vaccinations for sexual health, preventing STIs with antibiotics rather than simply treating them, and where condoms fit into the big picture – do condoms really even work THAT great at preventing STIs?

Find out this week with the Sexperts on Hide and Seek!


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