Faerie Faerie quite contrary!

Get wild and free as we explore what it means to be be one with the Faeries.

Radical Faery Eureka joins us to share his experience joining the fat lifestyle, and how he incorporates his art and spirituality into the counter-cultural phenomenon born out of the gay rights movement in the late 1970’s.

Ya bunch of faeries!

It’s 40 years in August since theĀ Spiritual Conference for Radical Fairies was held in the USA. The Australian context is slightly different, and Eureka shares how identifies with the concept of breaking down hyper masculinity, and how fae queer spirituality aligns with his faith history of Christianity and Catholicism.

Later in the episode, Melbourne Rubber Man 2016 Liam joins us to tell us about his queer Eurovision fundraiser. We discuss who he’s rooting for (and who he’d root) in Eurovision. Liam will be back in a few weeks to talk about the Melbourne Rubber Man fundraiser happening at the Laird on May 11. Tune in for our rubber special in a few weeks!

Get wild!

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