Food Addiction and getting honest with yourself


Justin and Sarah are our guests on Hooked,  sharing stories about accessing support from Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous. We learn about the burden of thinking about food all the time, and the journey towards taking the emotion out of food. How do you get honest with yourself about your food addiction? What does abstinence look like for recovering food addicts? Who can support you to confront the emotions underlying your food addiction?

If you’d like to find out more, FA have two information sessions coming up on May 11 and May 13 2019 in St Kilda and Richmond. You can also contact the Australian branch at and on 1800717446. 

This week, we recommend the ABC TV series ‘You can’t ask that’. In particular, the episode about Alcoholics (airing at 9pm on Wednesday 8 May and also available on ABC iview).

In the news, we discuss a high-profile case tied to the US opioid crisis. A pharmaceutical executive was convicted for his participation in a scheme bribing doctors to prescribe an addictive painkiller. We also share a link to an audio news story touching on fears of phone addiction in teens.

We don’t have an ‘addiction of the week’ – we wanted to spend as much time with Justin and Sarah as possible.