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David and Russ are joined by Tosh who shares his story into, and out of, self-harm. This is a repeat episode from 2019 of which we are particularly proud. It’s also the first episode in which we were joined by Nurse Betty.

If You Need Support:

If you hear something on-air or in this podcast that may be causing you distress or may have raised uncomfortable feelings then visit https://joy.org.au/support/ where you can find a number of people and organisations you can turn to for support at a time like this. Looking for support is a healthy way of dealing with your feelings, and is a powerful way to help you get back on top of things. Everyone needs to talk sometimes!


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Pete helps JOY with podcast coordination and is a podcaster for the "Driving You Mad Driving You Crazy" Friday Drive show, a daytime MMUMM presenter on JOY and also a JOY Board member.


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