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Now seemed like a good time to revisit this great interview we did in June 2019 with Dr Grant Blashki, the Lead Clinical Advisor for BeyondBlue. We hope you are keeping well, and that you enjoy this encore podcast.

Grant joins us for a chat about the myriad ways that BeyondBlue provides support to all Australians, and shares his views on the value GPs can add to our mental health, and we identify the options available for engaging with BeyondBlue. Grant also explains that BeyondBlue advocates strongly for the LGBTIQ+ community because improving LGBTIQ+ outcomes improves mental health outcomes.

Is there a connection between anxiety and addiction? What does it mean to develop a mental health or suicide prevention strategy? What might a visit to your GP about mental health issues look like? How can you support a friend as they deal with their anxiety or depression?

BeyondBlue provides dedicated resources for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex, and bodily, gender and sexually diverse people. We recommend you explore them all.

We learn about some powerful and effective online tools: BeyondNow App (for suicide safety planning), myCompass (online tool for managing depression and anxiety), and MindSpot Clinic (online assessment and treatment for anxiety and depression).

If You Need Support:

If you hear something on-air or in this podcast that may be causing you distress or may have raised uncomfortable feelings then visit https://joy.org.au/support/ where you can find a number of people and organisations you can turn to for support at a time like this. Looking for support is a healthy way of dealing with your feelings, and is a powerful way to help you get back on top of things. Everyone needs to talk sometimes!


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