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Joy94.9 alumni Dr Glen Hoskings dials in to discuss how the pandemic might be affecting our community from a mental health perspective.

How can we get help? What factors might be contributing to our mental wellness? Should we limit our exposure to the news? Is there a benefit in counting our blessings?

And David is keen to share the research from the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) examining the alcohol industry’s response to the pandemic.

If You Need Support:

If you hear something on-air or in this podcast that may be causing you distress or may have raised uncomfortable feelings then visit https://joy.org.au/support/ where you can find a number of people and organisations you can turn to for support at a time like this. Looking for support is a healthy way of dealing with your feelings, and is a powerful way to help you get back on top of things. Everyone needs to talk sometimes!


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