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The Emerging Writers’ Festival has kicked off! Dene and Producer Annie chat with the artists performing fictionalised speeches from pivotal moments in history.

‘History’s Fakest Speeches’ is a one-night only show hosted by performers Scott Limbrick and Elyce Phillips.

Scott and Sammaneh ‘Shampoo’ Poursh chat on-air about the satirical comedy show, featuring both fictional and real characters and speeches.

Sammaneh also talks about combining performance art and play, including the time she was covered in beans and barbecue sauce at Big Day Out.

Jump on the EMF website to grab tickets to ‘History’s Fakest Speeches’, being performed at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute on Wednesday 26 June.

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About the author: Annie


Annie Louey is a producer, stand-up comedian and writer from Melbourne. She produces and podcasts for Jacq and Dene on Tuesday Drive.


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