JOY Mardi Gras Broadcast 2021 – Part 3!

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After a rough 2020, it’s time to shake off the year that was and celebrate Mardi Gras 2021 with the JOY Mardi Gras Broadcast, proudly brought to you by NAB – More than money!

Join our hosts, Ruby Mountford, Rebekah Loveday and Triana Butler live from the JOY 94.9 studios, as they chat all things Mardi Gras and cross live to Sydney where JOYsters Jordan Johnstone and Kate Payne are chatting to attendees, those marching in the parade, a couple of special celebrity interviews and tonnes more!


We would like to thank the following people, who without them, this broadcast would have not been possible:

To our amazing team of volunteers who interviewed a few of the community groups, who took part in this year’s paradeChris Moir, Rachel Morrison, Ben Murphy, Kate Payne, Miranda Sparks, Clayton Wimshurst and Jess Window 

To Jordan Johnstone and Kate Paynewho proudly represented JOY in Sydney. 

To our marketing and communications coordinator, Natalie Williams 

Our Panelists – Jack Crnjanin and Paul Horwell. 

Ben Murphy, Jordan Johnstone and Clayton Wimshurst in Production. 

Michael Strauss for technical support. 

JOY’s very own CEO – Ange Barry 

To our Producer – Con Keramitsis  

To our Executive Producer – Rachel Tyler-Jones 

And finally, to the exceptional hosts of this broadcast: Triana Butler, Rebekah Loveday and Ruby Mountford.