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In 2005, Belarus initially selected a well-intentioned if not necessarily well-performed ballad called Boys & Girls to represent them in Kyiv. The international response was a critical drubbing.  They kept the same singer, Angelica Agurbash, and gave her the Israeli-written disco stomper Love Me Tonight, which didn’t get them out of the Semi-final.

In 2012, Belarussian televoters initially selected Alena Lanskaya with the decent and probably well-intentioned ballad All My Life which received an international response of indifference. For reasons only known to BRTC, the boyish pop/rock band Litesound (winners of the jury vote) will actually be the Belarussian entrants this year with their chart friendly song We Are The Heroes! (exclamation point optional).

Whether this raises their chances to do well in Baku remains to be seen.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU-c7wPA4Qw]


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