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As Hikaru & I countdown to our first “EuroSongCountdown 2012” on Joy 94.9/joy.org.au on Saturday April 7th at 2100 AET/1200GMT we have both been reflecting on the passions we find as we delve into the Eurovision phenomenon.

For a couple of months now we have been talking with people who have sung in it, been to it our just been beguiled by it.

The reasons for the passions held and celebrated are as varied as the thousand and more songs that have populated the Eurovision Song Contest since 1956.

Many have stumbled over it, others have grown up with it, some had their lives changed by it.

But what is shared by all is an open hearted enthusiasm for the event.

We’ve heard from the ESC’s first put gay singer, we’ve gathered thoughts about the magic weaved by the Swedes and got the inside running on what it’s like to be a Eurovision commentator.

Then there are the Aussies who’ve come on board the Eurovision caravan, people like David Knox .

And then, of course, there’s us two !

Hikaru’s happenstance meeting with Eurovision while studying in the UK was a match made in heaven, while I grew up with it and escaped from other things with its help.

These are just two stories from so many.

Eurovision & Hikaru Freeman

Andrew Bell & Eurovision

A passion from so many different directions.

Saturday night’s debut of  “EuroSongCountdown 2012”  is another step along the way of what has been a wonderful journey.

Tune-in on the radio or listen online and be part of the passion.


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