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Eurovision has many hidden stories, and one of the most surprising ones is that of Portugal.

Hikaru had previously talked about the 1960s & 1970s entries of Portugal in a special report, but for this Eurovision History Chat, both Andy & Hikaru discuss and discover more of the Portuguese story at Eurovision.

InPart One: 1964 to 1988

Andy & Hikaru talk about how Portuguese entries were both used by the Salazar regime and also critiqued it. This period also sees Portugal undergo a revolution and the birth of a new and highly politically influenced style of entries. Even when politics disappear from the lyrics, Portuguese entries still retain a very sharp critique of modern life and popular culture.

In Part Two 1989 to 2011

Portugal explores its soul, and Europe takes notice a couple of times. Still, was the real message behind a lot of these entries lost on the juries? The birth of televoting sees Portugal become somewhat successful when they reject the classic Eurovision template.


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