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The final lot of initial rehearsals for the semi finals takes place today, with the second half of Semi 2 getting a go.


Eurovision is generally thought of as a pop song contest, so when a folk ballad appears, people are somewhat unsure.

However Georgia have brought back the Eurovision of the 1950s and 60s with their ballad, which looks beautiful on the stage. The lads don suitably formal attire and have very limited movement as they sing.


It will certainly catch the eye and ear after Jess Mauboy’s uptempo performance. Add the smoke and pyro curtain and Georgia might have themselves a qualifier!


Someone needs to teach Gromee some new dance moves, or at least something different that he can do with his hands. We get that you enjoy the waves Gromee, but you can only hula so much.

Other than that, this is the perfect track to get dancing to after Georgia’s ballad. There are lights, there’s movement, there’s pyro, and we’re certainly not complaining.


The matching hats is a nice touch. It’s a very Polish uniform. All we need now is to be able to buy them at the merchandise tent. Well done team.


The Maltese have broken the no-LED staging taboo with Christabelle’s performance this year. They paid for some extra tickets on April’s last cruise ship from Valetta to ship some LED panels for use as Christabelle’s jail for the night.


Random Maltese people are dancing in the panels (obviously it was more expensive shipping actual people over than it was some LED) to add some drama and depth to the performance.

It’s all very Maltese – the reds, the darkness, the flames and the use of video are exactly the sorts of things that have worked for the tiny island in the past. It’s certainly something that could qualify.



When I first heard this song and its key change near the end, I knew we’d be on a winner.

This is metal. And it has rocked everyone’s socks off.

There are lights. There’s walking. There’s metal screeching on the bridge.

The cameras are all over the place. And you’re never left without some sort of stimulation.

And there’s a stage dive. AND FIRE!

This has got to do well.



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