Eurovision – Australia Decides 2020: Chatting with Jaguar Jonze


Australia gets its second chance to select a song for Eurovision, and this year Jaguar Jonze is one of the contestants in Eurovision: Australia Decides.

Michael had a chat with the Queensland-based singer-songwriter, who has taken the world by storm since debuting as a Jonze last year.

They explored the connection between Jaguar, Spectator and Dusky Jonze and what makes this talented artist tick. Having stepped into the world of Eurovision, Jaguar shares her view of the Euro-world and it’s certainly one that requires a violin case.

Plus, in this podcast-exclusive full-length interview, Michael and Jaguar discuss the taboo and stigma around mental health issues and what has helped Jaguar Jonze work through PTSD.

See Jaguar Jonze perform Rabbit Hole during Eurovision: Australia Decides on Saturday 8 February on SBS.