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  • Welcome to JOYEurovision for the 2013 season

    Eurovision 2013 Preview Part One

    In our first podcast preview for Eurovision 2013, Hikaru and the latest member of the JOYEurovision team: Catching Up’s Brett Schryver review the entries for the Big 5 (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy) and host […]

  • Special Report – The Draw

    Special Report – The Draw

    We are down to the business end of proceedings. Whether you’re watching it live across Europe or on delay on the other continents, Eurovision 2012 in Baku is here. Saturday May 26th is E-Day ! […]

  • Will Love Set The UK Aflame ?

    Will Love Set The UK Aflame ?

    It’s out, in a somewhat dark 3/4 time and has strong echoes of the man in black. The United Kingdom has revealed its entry for Baku to be sung by veteran crooner Engelbert Humperdinck. The […]

  • Musings – EH ? What ?!!!!!

    Musings – EH ? What ?!!!!!

    Posted by Andrew “I remember him in black & white” Bell Eurovision just keeps giving. And the BBC is the biggest Eurovision giver of them all. It’s almost an All Fools Day gag a month early. […]

  • The United Kingdom releases

    Intentional or not, the BBC without a doubt definitely did a great job building suspense when it came to announcing their entrant for this year. After a dramatic Twitter & Facebook wait, the BBC announced […]