9781742574967Leo chats with Paul Conibeer about his book I Survived Kerobokan.

Paul Conibeer was on holiday in Bali when his wallet and phone were stolen by a pickpocket. Due to fly out the next day with the money to pay for his hotel room gone, hoping for some assistance Paul explained what happened to the hotel and police. What happened next is everyone’s worst nightmare.

Paul chats about his time at Kuta police station, coping for nearly two months in extreme conditions, then moving to the notorious Kerobokan prision – home to the Bail Nine as well as Shapelle Corby, where he spent 10 months living in hell for a crime he didn’t commit.

Paul’s book I Survived Kerobokan is a fascinating read on how he coped in the worst possible situation:  a situation which could happen to anyone.

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