Gayby Baby’s Maya Newell on Second Breakfast

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Sonja Hammer speaks exclusively to Gayby Baby’s director Maya Newell about the sudden and alarming banning of her Same Sex families documentary film called Gayby Baby from a planned screening at a NSW girls high school by the NSW Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli.

Gayby Baby is a simple, direct documentary. It’s not political advocacy, and it’s not propaganda. Most of the film’s running time is dedicated to ordinary family tribulations.

Gayby Baby Family wear it purple

Mary talks candidly on the phone from NSW to Sonja the following day after the ban announcement. She talks about the shock of the plan to censor the film from being played specifically at Burwood High School for the upcoming Wear It Purple Day events at the school organised by the pupils, and to add to the drama unfolding Maya is an ex-pupil of the school!

So find out what happened, what Maya thinks and how this affects children of Same Sex Families and how the film is intended to in their own words:

We firmly believe our film has positive benefits for all students and we’re committed to supporting the schools who are celebrating Wear it Purple Day. Creating inclusive classroom and valuing family diversity promotes student well being and acceptance of difference. There is no place for bullying, homophobia or discrimination in Australian public schools.

For more information, visit the Gayby Baby website and find out how you can see it in Melbourne. You can also read more articles about the controversy.