Season 1: Later in life lesbians Episode 4 – Gabe Hogan


JOY Shorts celebrates the unheard stories of the LGBTIQA+ communities through one-off audio documentaries and short-run seasons. Season One: Later in life lesbians explores the experience of coming out later in life as a lesbian, often after having children or being married in a heterosexual relationship.

Listen to episode four to hear comedian and radio host Gabe Hogan share her story.

This podcast has been made possible with the support of Lesbians Incorporated, a not-for-profit organisation in Australia that advocates for lesbians. Lesbians Inc supports those who identify as women, wom*n, male to female transgender or trans*, or non-binary and all are welcome. Lesbians Inc is inclusive of lesbians, dykes, gays, bisexual, queer, asexual and acknowledges that we may move between these. Learn more about Lesbians Incorporated at lincgrants.org.au