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Wow two bits for the download of one. Aren’t you lucky Laugh Out Prouders?

What exactly counts as a stare? Z & G dive deep into this philosophical question as you grown to expect here at Laugh Out Proud. Producer Dylan brings a biblical view to the table using advice from his past.

What does one do when they are being stared at? Do you have the feeling that someone is watching you right now as you read this? Quick download and listen to the podcast and find out how to deal with this.


G has found it. G has found the perfect environment to stare at other people. In a safe and appropriate way. G also enlightens the Laugh Out Prouders of the wonders of the window/TV hybrid provided on transport. What will they think of next?…….wait glass windows have been here since the 17th century. Wow what a time to be alive.

Laugh Out Proud encourages people to please, stare responsibly.


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