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Z & G were lucky enough to have a chat in studio with Melbourne comedian Izzy Ali.

Izzy tells us all about how his early love for stand-up, watching Eddie Murphy’s stand-up special Delirious and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Gala each year.

It wasn’t until Izzy listened to an older fellow warehouse worker, who told him “you’re young, get outta here” which gave him the push to front up at The Comic’s Lounge in Melbourne, starting his comedy career.

Z & G hear all about Izzy’s first time during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2017, featuring in a showcase of comics.

Izzy tells the Laugh Out Prouders about the time he had to obtain some herbal treatment for a Mr. Joe Rogan, while Rogan was in Melbourne for a UFC fight.

The Laugh Out Prouders get a bonus story, hearing about the time Izzy watched Tommy Little fill up his car on the way to Ballarat.

Catch Izzy during the 2018 Melbourne International in “The Comedy Showcase” playing April 9th – April 21st at The Kicks Bar.


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