Honorary life membership is awarded by the JOY Board to recognise a member for their extraordinary commitment and contribution to JOY. Since JOY was founded in 1993, 30 honorary life memberships have been awarded.

Any member may nominate a person for life membership at any time during the year.

Nominations for 2020 will close at the end of October 2020. Nominations received after that date will be considered in 2021.

The current life members are:


David Moyle

David Moyle

David has volunteered at JOY since 2010

Joining the broadcast team to take over the Bent Notes jazz program, later producing podcasts for the program, and put his hand up for tech and station support for Outside Broadcasts. David was the recipient of the Volunteering Excellence award in 2014. He has helped out in a number of other areas, and shows too with panel operation, and was the anchor host for a new podcast show. David also champions the broadcaster ‘panel refresher’ training program. David took over the Outside Broadcast Coordinator role 2016, and Bent Notes continues on-air every Sunday evening.

David has been crucial in putting so many outside broadcasts to air over his many years at JOY, some in difficult locations. His ‘can do’ attitude and calmness under pressure is matched only by his passion and commitment to JOY (and Jazz!)


David Hunt

David Hunt

David has volunteered at JOY since 2008.

On-air with Back To The Future in 2008, Friday Drive from 2010 and Sunday Arts Magazine from 2014 both continue on the program grid. Formally joining the Funding Working Group, and the Events Team in 2017 to revive the JOY Trivia events, David has always supported various activities and events at or outside the station.

David has demonstrated his professional and personal commitment to JOY as a presenter, fundraiser and ever-visible advocate for JOY. He makes himself available to assist folk who are new to the station and nothing is ever too much trouble.


Jed Gilbert

Jed Gilbert has been a part of JOY since joining as a member in 2006. In his 11 years with JOY, he has contributed across a broad range of areas and had a significant impact. Jed started out in production support before progressing to join the news team in 2009. He put his hand up to join the JOY Board in 2010 and was elected that year. Throughout his six-year term on the Board, Jed fulfilled several key roles. He joined the Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) in 2011, before stepping up to chair that same committee in 2012 as Treasurer. In 2013, Jed was elected as Vice President, and in 2014, he was elected as President by his Board colleagues, and led the Board for the period 2014-2016. Jed’s time at the helm was characterised by a genuine passion for JOY’s place and purpose in our community. He stewarded many key initiatives at JOY during his Presidency, including JOY’s first formal three-year Strategic Plan, and the renewal of JOY’s broadcast licence, which expanded the station’s ‘community of interest’ to cover the full diversity of the LGBTI community. His leadership of the Board as President was always characterised by a sense of care and balance, and a drive for consensus where everyone could contribute their voice to discussions and decisions. Since stepping down from the Board in 2016, Jed has continued to support JOY. His commitment to the LGBTI community was recognised when he was nominated in the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ category at the 2016 GLOBE Awards. Jed himself has said that his time at JOY has been a period where he grew up, and his journey with JOY demonstrates the way that our organisation can provide a place for people to join, connect, contribute and mature to become a leader in our community.
Congratulations Jed and thank you for your outstanding and ongoing support for JOY.


David ‘Macca’ McCarthy

23-10-16-joy-agm-16David ‘Macca’ McCarthy has been a JOY member for over 17 years and been an on-air presenter for more than 10. During this time he has also spent 5 years serving on the board of JOY with 3.5 of those as our president.
Macca is also a roving ambassador for JOY in the areas of business, community and political arenas, always seeking out ways to promote and build JOYs strong reputation. He has tapped into his own personal network to bring high profile guests into the station as not only guests but also supporters and sponsors. Macca’s on-air presence commenced with ‘Motoring Matters’ – a regular segment on the Drive Show in 1999, he has held spots on a range of shows and been instrumental in special broadcasts including a JOY / 3AW joint outside broadcast with Neil Mitchell and Jeff Kennett about youth suicide prevention. Over the last 6 years, Macca has lead the Saturday Magazine show with a slew of high profile co-hosts and guests, but has always made time to mentor emerging radio contributors many of whom have now secured roles in commercial and Government funded studios both in Australia and overseas. His leadership in brokering relationships and agreements with a range of other organisations such as Mercedes Benz, Virgin Airlines, Victorian State Government, beyondblue, and SBS has assisted JOY significantly over the last 7 years and we look forward to continuing to work with Macca moving forward. Macca is a respected member of the JOY broadcast team and family.
We congratulate and thank him for an outstanding contribution to JOY.


Conrad Browne

Conrad Browne

Conrad Browne

Over 10 years with the station, Conrad Browne has been an exemplary leader embodying the purpose and values of JOY 94.9. Beginning as a volunteer in 2005, he started in a support role to the Sponsorship team and progressed 3 years later to Production Manager / Community Liaison. He was General Manager from late 2011 to mid-2015. During this time, Conrad always lived up to the high standards he set himself, while inspiring, mentoring and supporting others to be their best. He excelled at representing the station including with sponsors and across the sector. He relentlessly drove the station to remain on mission by producing great community radio, with a dedicated and professional team. This meant he led the station through enormous achievements strategically, culturally and financially. The esteem and respect he receives across the broad JOY 94.9 community mean he is a well-deserving new life member.


Chris Jameson

Chris JamesonWhen you ask the staff and volunteers at JOY about Chris Jameson’s contribution to the station it becomes very obvious that he is many things to many people. During his years at JOY Chris has contributed as a presenter, program director, music director, technical / IT support and so much more. His diverse skill base and passion for the station makes him the ultimate team player and an asset to everything he puts his hand up for and has his hand in. He exhibits a true professionalism to everything he does and brings much skill, positive energy and commitment to his many roles, regardless of if they were paid or as a volunteer. His passion for music and the sound of JOY is evident in the many hours he dedicates to his role as Music Director and in turn his push to help move JOY in to a new era through implementing the digital playout system and all that comes with it. He is patient, kind, seemingly tireless and a true champion of the station, it’s mission and purpose.


Richard Walters & Dennis Muir

Dennis and Dick

Richard Walters, David ‘Macca’ McCarthy and Dennis Muir

Dennis and Richard have willingly volunteered their efforts for JOY 94.9 and the rainbow community on a consistent basis for the past 11 years. They were also among the first group of volunteers at the VAC when it was formed in 1983 as a central part of the Victorian community response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  At JOY, both Richard and Dennis have committed their volunteering efforts to both on-air and off-air activities at the station. They always behave in an inclusive and positive manner with all passers-by, stall visitors, fundraiser punters and fellow volunteers. Their commitment has been endless to JOY fundraising events, as well as to JOY’s efforts in community engagement. They contribute to JOY in a number of areas:

Dennis – originally in the Office Admin support team and a Trainer for 6 years, Dennis has been one of two JOY Prize Coordinators for 4 years, contributing to the administration and coordination of over $80k in member incentives each year.

Richard – is the JOY Music Librarian, with a flare to seek out rare, unusual, queer and other special interest music for programs and presenters across the JOY grid.  Richard is in the Office Admin support team and a Trainer, and has been for 10 years, he has now become a disability support person for the office admin team. With Richard’s help, a new volunteer now has support and access to the station on a monthly basis.

Together they have a long standing electro-pop music program of their own, A Touch of Pink on Saturday evening at 7pm which showcases on average 15% GLBTIQ artists. Dennis & Richard started on-air in 2003 with a program called Wallpaper For The Soul. The commitment and contribution from both Dennis and Richard can be directly translated into numerous benefits for JOY, including:

  • training of hundreds of volunteers
  • encouraging a positive environment for volunteerism and volunteers, creating an inclusive atmosphere at the station
  • on-air together as a couple is a wonderful representation of a loving long-lasting relationship for our community
  • maintaining corporate relationships with regards to prizes and music
  • JOY listeners have access to a range of GLBTIQ music
  • A Touch of Pink will celebrate 10 years on-air in 2014, contributing to a stable grid, as broadcasters they are a voice for the senior community (a very cool, young / senior voice)


Adrian Perillo-Phipps & Andy Kay

Andy and AdrianTheir JOY journey started in October 2003, but they’re best known for their breakfast show, ‘Andy & Adrian’. For five years they provided many memorable moments with amazing guests and unique situations, including the inaugural broadcast and Radiothon launch from JOY’s Bourke Street studios with no walls, lots of dust and a bunch of builders banging around in the background!

The journey we shared with Adrian in 2011 as he became a same-sex coupled parent was somewhere the station had never gone before and created warm, emotion-filled radio of, by and for our community. Adrian and Andy retired from breakfast radio in March 2012 after almost 10 years on air and in that time the audience shared their lives as they grew up in front of us. Always entertaining and engaging, they are two of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Jodie Willmer

Jodie WillmerJodie’s 16 years of outstanding contribution to JOY 94.9 have touched many and been a positive influence within the station. As a producer/presenter of the travel shows ‘Gayaway’ and ‘Detours’, Jodie worked with her team to combine interesting guests, social justice, tourism, GLBTI travel information and personal travel stories.

Her volunteer participation includes Committee of Management, mentoring presidents, social/community connection, Finance and Audit Committee, and Risk Management Framework development and chair. Her last ‘Detours’ show was on Saturday 13 October 2012, but her dedication to JOY and love for broadcasting will continue, especially by sharing her skills and passion with the JOY family.

Gary Singer

Gary SingerGary became a member in August 1996 when JOY was a small aspirant vying for spectrum on 90.7FM. During his time as Melbourne’s Deputy Lord Mayor, he was able to use his political influence to champion somewhat controversial initiatives such as the establishment of Victoria’s first Relationship Declaration Register and, most notably, the relocation of GLBTI community organisations to 225 Bourke Street.

Since 2009, Gary and his partner, Geoffrey Smith, have run an on-air donation drive during our annual Radiothon matching listeners’ contributions dollar for dollar; this has raised in excess of $100,000 for the station. Gary is an exemplary ambassador for JOY.

Gary Wilson

Gary WilsonSince he became a member in 2001, Gary has made a significant contribution as a volunteer, presenter and newsreader. Known to listeners as the Gazman, he’s never been afraid to tell his own story on air of being a formerly married man with children who came out later in life and embraced his true self.

A great example to other members of the community who may face the same situation, Gary is a true individual, a wonderful man and a great JOYster.


Damian Nicholas

Damian NicholasDamian Nicholas has been a member of JOY since 1994 and had an amazing on-air presence for 13 years with his high-rating drive show ‘Bumper to Bumper’. As JOY’s music director (volunteer) for eight years, he put in over 20 hours a week to keep the JOY sound fresh and current, purchasing new music from overseas to ensure our sound was different and ahead of the curve.Damian never asked for reimbursement and it wasn’t unusual for him to be at the station at midnight preparing playlists for the next day or week – nothing was ever too much trouble when it came to developing the music for JOY.

Well respected in the music and record industry, Damian has forged a professional career as a voiceover artist in commercial radio and TV.

Marg Gardner

Marg GardnerMarg has been a member of JOY since 1997 and a volunteer since 1998. Starting out as an on-air presenter with ‘Vocal Women’, she has undertaken several on-air roles including co-host of ‘Saturday Magazine’. As program coordinator (volunteer) for four years from 1998, Marg was one of the co-authors of the JOY full-time licence application.

From 2002 to 2008 she was employed part-time as JOY’s program manager and then volunteer manager, where she demonstrated the same people skills she displayed as a volunteer. She is an advocate for equality and social justice and an excellent role model for her children and the community in general.


Tim Lennox

Tim LennoxJournalist Tim Lennox (aka Robert Lennox Suggett) joined JOY in February 1995 and has been a volunteer member of the news team ever since. As our News & Current Affairs Director he has encouraged and mentored scores of JOY news presenters, including many who have gone on to full-time print and electronic media careers.

Also, as a photographer, Tim has chronicled much of the progress of JOY, from its early days in studios above a hardware store in South Melbourne to its current modern City Village premises. In recognition of his unbroken service, the JOY Board christened Studio 2, used primarily for news broadcasts, the ‘Tim Lennox Studio’ in 2011. Tim has hosted a number of JOY current affairs programs over the years and his voice is a familiar one among the many JOY news bulletins delivered each week.


Anita Gibbons

Anita GibbonsAs one of the founding members of JOY in February 1994, Anita has been consistent in her promotion of women’s music and comedy in her show ‘Women on Waves’. Anita has provided inspiration to many lesbians in her quiet and humble way of expressing her life journey and in her contribution to the growth and development of JOY.

Jayne Monroe

Jayne MonroeJayne joined JOY in February 1999. Using her skills as an electrical engineer, she became part of the engineering team that maintains our broadcasting technology and ensures the station goes to air, whether from the studios or an outside broadcast.

Jayne has also contributed to the GLBTIQ community through her JOY show ‘Transmission Time’ and activities at Channel 31. Jayne is also a life member of Bent TV (BTV ceased operations November 2016 after 23 years of GLBTI audio visual media activities).

Jeff Hood

Jeff HoodJoining JOY in June 1997, Jeff quickly involved himself in various roles around the station, drawing on his various interests in theatre and the arts, social justice, research on homophobia and his profession as a psychologist. Jeff has been a newsreader on JOY, anchored ‘Saturday Magazine’ and served on the Committee of Management for five years, including a term of three years as president.

Jeff’s firm but steady hand, wise counsel, energy and tact resulted in a stronger and better organisation during a period of growth and transition for JOY.


Paul Terdich

Paul TerdichJoining JOY in July 1997, Paul came to us as the new station manager. He brought a great set of management skills obtained while working for government, private enterprise and community organisations.

Paul guided the station during a period of consolidation and growth, from developing the mission statement to ensuring continued broadcasts as an aspirant station, and then to helping JOY obtain its permanent full-time licence against many competitors. Paul ensured the growth of memberships and sponsorships and the development of our proud volunteer resource.


Anne Hamilton

Anne HamiltonAnne joined JOY in August 1998, and with her background in banking and finance brought great skills in systems, processes and good governance to the station. In her volunteer role Anne quickly established her place improving our internal processes and procedures, developing our policy and procedures manual, writing descriptions for every role at the station, designing forms, preparing organisation charts and being an enthusiastic volunteer at JOY events.


Carol Wilkinson

Carol WilkinsonCarol joined JOY in May 1995, sharing her business acumen and community connections to benefit the station. She was president for five years and contributed greatly to the stability and growth of JOY through many challenges.

Mark Klingsporn

Mark KlingspornMark became a JOY member in 1996, bringing his business skills to the Committee of Management and providing professional experience in corporate governance and management. Mark played a significant role in ensuring our successful transition to full-time broadcasting.


Chris Furneaux

Chris FurneauxChris joined JOY in 1997 and has managed our membership database since then as well as providing support to JOY’s management in many key achievements. Chris has a background in property management and working in government, and applied his skills in process and procedures to further the overall development of JOY as it set its sights on full-time broadcasting.


John Oliver

John OliverMember number 1, John was the driving force behind getting JOY to air. At Midsumma 1992 John’s concept of a gay radio station took root and, with a small band of dedicated enthusiasts, he facilitated JOY’s first broadcast in December 1993.

His foresight, enthusiasm and efforts to break down barriers and foster communications for the GLBTIQ communities led to the station becoming an enduring part of the lesbian and gay communities of Melbourne and an example to other community broadcasters.

John Jennings

John Jennings

One of the founding fathers of JOY, John Jennings began his time with the station in 1994. His professional background in hospitality and radio/TV proved vital to the development of JOY. John’s commitment to the station as a passionate and active member of the Committee of Management and the Programming Committee helped to develop our broadcast style, especially with the format of our Breakfast and Drive programs.

John co-presented the first edition of ‘Saturday Magazine’ with Brendon Castle – a program concept he and Brendon created – and on Sundays presented a soul/disco show called ‘Breezin’. He was president from 1997 to 2001 and Program Director and Production Manager from 1994 for a number of years. He was involved with the creation and adoption of the station’s mission statement, which remains intact to this day, and he represented JOY at many public functions as we gained respect and followers from the wider community.

John’s life membership was awarded in acknowledgement of his connections to Melbourne’s gay community, his vision, leadership and dedication in the early years of the station, and his generous personal donations of money, time and equipment.

Life members no longer with us


Bill JeffreyBill Jeffrey – passed away 2012

Bill was part of JOY from its earliest days in 1993, as an enthusiastic volunteer and as a broadcaster. Bill exemplified everything deserving of life membership: an extraordinary commitment to JOY, exemplary behaviour and being a dedicated role model for others in the GLBTIQ community.
Bill – the quiet achiever!


Addam StobbsAddam Stobbs – passed away 2010

Addam’s on-air role was minor compared to the other work he did at JOY from 1994 to 2010; behind the scenes on the Programming Committee, as a trainer for the Certificate III in Broadcasting, and in influencing the development of JOY’s pre-eminent role in broadcasting gay and lesbian matters nationally. In his honour, the JOY Board established the annual Addam Stobbs Award for Broadcast Excellence.



Philip Burt – passed away 2017

Philip joined in March 1993 at the genesis of JOY. As inaugural treasurer on the JOY Committee of Management, he was responsible for setting up the station’s accounting processes and systems. His role also ensured wise use of our hard-earned funds, and he guided JOY into a stable financial operation. Philip provided valuable professional advice and also contributed to developing the station’s corporate structure.