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adeleFisting, spirituality, unexpected stripper poles, glamourous songstresses and more – we’ve got it all as we showcase a broad variety of the most entertaining podcasts from JOY this week!

From Spirit Lounge: Halloween

Holy days of the week are Halloween, All Saints’ and All Souls’. Rachel and Claudine discuss the cultural context, histories and ceremonies for these holidays, through to the modern adaptations.

From Hide and SeekInternational Fisting Day

Club 80’s ZONE:RED recently celebrated its first anniversary and organiser Warrick Emanuel joins Dean to discuss this increasingly popular monthly event. By sheer coincidence this conversation aired on 21st of October, International Fisting Day, now in its fifth year.

From Jax and Greta: Hens’ Nights and Stripper Poles

Greta talks the Hens’ she attended on the weekend and Jackie talks about being diddled – she’s now further away from her free coffee. There’s also Jackie’s realisation that most elevators have mirrors, a great opportunity to correct her VPL. But elevators have cameras, do people watch the video footage? Jackie also gives us an update on her neighbour’s stripper pole.

From LA Spinz: Adele’s Back!

This is your Hollywood goss fix for another week thanks to Peter Reynolds, coming to you from Los Angeles. Adele addresses her legion of fans via Facebook and says that while her massively popular album “21” was a breakup record, the upcoming “25” will be a makeup record. Plus a hundred other Hollywood things are happening right now!


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Alice Berkeley is queer, cat-obsessed and can often be found loitering around JOY looking vague and suspicious.


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