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sapphoThe inestimable Tina Arena, the art of poetry, feminism and inclusivity in the music industry, and the 2015 LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Conference are all explored this week!

From Que(e)riesIs Poetry Queer?

This week Lana is talking about what poetry is, the history of poetry from Sappho to Mary Oliver to Sonya Renee, and the role poetry has played in the lesbian and feminist movements to explore the question, “is poetry queer”?

From Sound MuseumTina Arena

In this extended podcast exclusive Leo chats with the sensational Tina Arena. Tina reflects on her career, from a young girl in Young Talent Time to a multi-million selling recording artist about to celebrate forty years in the music industry.

From Cute: Katie from Listen

Hanna is joined by Katie from LISTEN, which was originally started by Evelyn Morris. LISTEN exists to spark and cultivate a conversation from a feminist perspective around the experiences of marginalized people in Australian music.

From Saturday MagazineFull As A Goog

Pete and Tas have a very cerebral and jam-packed show, joined for the first hour by ‘Dolly’ Doyle, to cover the news. Pauline Cramery, a researcher, community liaison officer and coordinator, comes in to share her findings on a report about how older LGBT people were and are treated.


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