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world AIDS dayToday we unite worldwide in the fight against HIV, show our support for people living with HIV and commemorate those who have died. Real talk time on the show this week as we hear from Max Niggl from Living Positive Victoria, Joel Murray about HIV and the media, Samantha Betts about her experience working in the detention centre in Nauru that caused her to become a whistle-blower, and Sarah Ferguson about recognising domestic violence.

From Driving You Mad: Hitting Home

David and Sue speak with Sarah Ferguson about her new doco that aired on the ABC, Hitting Home. Sarah talks about knowing the warning signs of domestic violence; little creepy bits of controlling behaviour come first.

From Well Well Well: World AIDS Day

In this second part of a World AIDS Day series Jack and Adam continue with some important events for World AIDS Day 2015 in a discussion with Max Niggl from Living Positive Victoria.

From Is Nothing Sacred: All of My People

Tonight’s show is all about human rights with Jim and Steph talking to Samantha Betts who worked in the detention center in Nauru and became a whistle-blower and advocate, speaking publicly about what she saw there. Also the meaning of My People by The Presets (covered by the Basement Boys) is revealed.

From Hide and Seek: The Media and HIV

Following the announcement by Charlie Sheen that he is HIV positive, Dean and Andrew chat with Joel Murray, a self-described libertarian writer who is HIV+, about the mainstream media’s coverage of HIV, safer sex, and the broader impacts that HIV impacts individuals.


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