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The Informer: Legislation surrounding hormone treatment for young peopleFamily Law Court thWXAD9MQS

The Transition process for children is 2 fold. After a child has undergone extensive medical and psychological assessment they can be prescribed hormone blockers to suppress the onset of puberty.

The Second stage of transition is to start Hormone Therapy, either Testosterone or Estrange, to facilitate physical transition. But the family must get permission from a Family Court Judge to begin Hormone Therapy. Delaying the child’s physical development.

Naomi and Isabella join Shannon, Stephany and Emma to discuss the long and drawn out legal process. At a time where other children are developing into adults, Transgender children have their puberty suppressed for many years, increasing both social and mental stress for the child.

The number of children transitioning has risen exponentially over the past few years. The Royal Children’s Hospital is expecting at least 250 new referral’s this year alone. Further increasing pressure and access to appropriate services.

B.R.O.A.D: Gay Lesbian Then and NowLesbian Gay thHYRFP3UE

Sonja is joined by Shirleene Robinson co-author of Gay Lesbian Then and Now.

Over seventy years, Australia has quietly undergone one of the biggest social revolutions in history. Once viewed as criminals, sinners or just sick, Gay men and Lesbians are increasingly accepted as equal, and the majority of Australians support same-sex marriage. This rapid transformation in social attitudes has widened the space lesbians and gays to live ordinary and visible lives in a ways that were once barely imaginable.

Gay Lesbian Then and Now, reveals the legacies of homophobia, the personal struggles and triumphs involved in coming out, the inconsistent state of social progress, and the many different ways of being gay or lesbian in Australia then and now.

Saturday Magazine: Tienan Brady from Marriage Equality AustraliaMarriage Equality thZTD7NJO8

Tienan Brady from Marriage Equality Australia, joins Macca and Tass to discuss marriage equality in relation to the 2016 Federal election and what it means for the LGBTIQ community.


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