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Yes, listeners, this week Marty and Venetia explore the heartbreak, the outrage, and the bitterness of breaking up by playing a selection of exquisite seventies you-done-me-wrong songs. Writing a song is the perfect way to get in that snappy comeback you only thought of after the event. Or perhaps to beg for your loved one not to leave. Or to  let the world know all the ways your ex totally sucks. You can do it all in verse, create a hit, and have the perfect revenge. At the very least, you get the final word.


About the author: Venetia


Venetia is huge deep soul, funk and jazz fan. She is the co-host of Living In the 70s, a show about 70's music, broadcast on Saturday mornings on JOY and puts together the podcasts of the show.

She is also an occasional presenter on Well, Well, Well, JOY's Thursday night program focusing on HIV and LGBTI health, sponsored by Thorne Harbour Health.


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