This week sadly saw the death of that incredible talent Helen Reddy. In honour of her brilliant career and her enduring contribution to both music and the Women’s Movement,  Marty and Venetia pay tribute the immense talent and depth of female artists from the 70s. That decade saw an explosion of talented, independent women making music on their own terms. They roared, they rocked, they were invincible, and they made fantastic music. Vale Helen. What an amazing legacy you have left us.


About the author: Venetia


Venetia is huge deep soul, funk and jazz fan. She is the co-host of Living In the 70s, a show about 70's music, broadcast on Saturday mornings on JOY and puts together the podcasts of the show.

She is also an occasional presenter on Well, Well, Well, JOY's Thursday night program focusing on HIV and LGBTI health, sponsored by Thorne Harbour Health.


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