It’s true, the world and all of us who spin around on it have been having a pretty tough time of it over the last little while.  Right now, things may be improving for some while for others the outlook may seem a little bleak, to say the least. Nevertheless, we all need a break from worry and it can be good to be reminded that all is not lost, good things are also in store.  Sometimes a little injection of hope and positivity is called for and that’s what Marty and Venetia bring you this week. There’s nothing quite like music to boost the mood and brighten the day. So we’ve chosen some of our favourite uplifting songs from the 1970s to move us all on up.

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About the author: Venetia


Venetia is huge deep soul, funk and jazz fan. She is the co-host of Living In the 70s, a show about 70's music, broadcast on Saturday mornings on JOY and puts together the podcasts of the show.

She is also an occasional presenter on Well, Well, Well, JOY's Thursday night program focusing on HIV and LGBTI health, sponsored by Thorne Harbour Health.


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