As we know, Marty is always in search of a good theme around which to organise our playlist. The Seventies was a big decade for music, after all, so it helps to have some guiding theme, however obscure. It so happens that February 2nd is World Wetlands Day. And while we couldn’t find any songs actually about wetlands, there are plenty of great 70s tracks that feature rain, rivers, tears and water of one sort or another. So welcome to our Wet show! This week we feature moisture in it’s many forms – Barbra takes a bath, CHIC makes you cry and Deep Purple watch some smoke on the water, to name a few.

Of course, none of these activities would be possible without a clean water supply, and here at Living in the 70s we support the preservation of healthy wetlands around the world. For more information on wetlands and how you can help to preserve them visit Wetlands Australia and the World Wetlands Day site.

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About the author: Venetia


Venetia is huge deep soul, funk and jazz fan. She is the co-host of Living In the 70s, a show about 70's music, broadcast on Saturday mornings on JOY and puts together the podcasts of the show.

She is also an occasional presenter on Well, Well, Well, JOY's Thursday night program focusing on HIV and LGBTI health, sponsored by Thorne Harbour Health.


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