Live Jam Session with Louise Terra



Louise Terra joined Dinah & Jason in the Local Roots studio for this week’s live Jam Sesh!

Each week a local independent artist stops by the Local Roots studio to perform a set of 4 tracks live to air for you. Nothing is off limits and we go deep into finding out who they are and why they chose to release music. They’re artists we love and think you’re going to fall in love with too.

Louise Terra’s fascination with electronic music is in the liminal, the beautiful and weird stuff created between genres. Using the computer as her instrument, Louise Terra single-handedly crafts deliriously hooky songs from layers of vocals, pounding rhythms, and atmospheres of sounds and synthesizers. As gorgeous as they are unsettling, Louise Terra’s style of electronic dream-pop comes from a rich set of influences, yet all of her songs pulse with a similar emotional force. Her songwriting expresses her outre perspective on human nature and her somewhat futuristic take on the existential conundrums of living in such uncertain times.

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