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It’s not often that Michael and Dean from MAD Wednesday stop talking, but Reverend Ric is such a lovely and genuine individual that they couldn’t help but hang on every word when he joined them on the show.

Last week a sign went up outside St Michael’s Uniting Church saying ‘Marriage Equality YES’,  and Reverend Ric Holland popped into JOY to have a chat about why he did that and honestly…. for the religious experience we have been waiting for.

“The whole reason I’m making a stand on this is, what can be wrong with two people committing themselves to each other and wanting to celebrate this publicly and make this legal.”

When it comes to religion and our community, especially when it comes to the Marriage Equality debate, we are so used to hearing quotes from the bible flung at us to knock us down that it might take some of you by surprise when you hear such a welcoming and heartfelt commitment to common sense and christianity.


“It’s not about marriage equality, it’s just about equality!”

What a character, it really was an absolute joy to have Reverend Ric Holland pop by JOY, and we thank St Michael’s Uniting Church for their continued support of our communities.



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