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Scott Brennan joined Michael and Dean for MAD Wednesday as Mashup Pictures proudly announces the launch of the second series of innovative documentary television program Housemates.

Beginning on Wednesday October 4th and airing over  four weeks on ABC2 at 9.20pm and on- demand at ABC iview. Housemates uncovers the unique, unusual, and sometimes crazy ways Australians have made share housing work. Sharing a fridge or a bathroom with strangers is never easy. In a time where finding a place to live is the number one concern for youth in Australia, could you live in these houses?

In Series 2 of Housemates, we meet four very different share houses. From the all-male self-described “discipleship” house, where two housemates are leaving and a new one, chosen by Jesus, is about to arrive. To an all-female share house where two vegans and one meat-eater, all with strong opinions, are trying to get along and be waste free, while also trying to make it work with a new housemate who has just moved in. To a house where three male strippers, one ex-girlfriend, and one couple must manage all their relationships as they live and work together in a house where nudity and pranks are commonplace. And to a share house of seven new-age hippies, who are opening their share house up to the community in order to live outside of the capitalist system, race the clock to be ready for their launch party.

Housemates is a documentary series that shines a light on how Australians live, but could you live in these houses?

The original Series 1 can be viewed here: http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/housemates/ 


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