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‘We connect people all across Victoria back into, or for the first time into their LGBTIQA+ communities.’

CEO of Switchboard Victoria Joe Ball returned to MAD Wednesday discussing the Out & About LGBTIQA+ Visitors Scheme which had its funding cut in December.

However this visit was cause for celebration with this weeks announcement that the federal government is refunding the program. And will provide $122,500 so that the Out and About LGBTIQA+ Visitors Scheme can continue to bring community to people, and help reduce ageism through intergenerational friendships.

‘We need for people in our community to have these conversations with older LGBTIQA+ people & we need help to find those who would benefit from a regular friendly visitor.’

Coordinator of Out & About, Ada Castle also joined Robbie & Dean to discuss the program, and put the call out for people to sign up and apply to be visited by volunteers.

‘You can be surrounded by people, but if they aren’t people who affirm your gender & sexuality or affirm who you are, you can still feel deeply lonely – and that is what Out & About is all about.’

Do you know someone who would like to be visited by friendly LGBTI volunteers?

Are you or do you know people living at home or in aged care and would like a visitor as part of the national Community Visitors Scheme?

Regular visits can occur every week or fortnight, either at home or another location; and can include having a chat over coffee or tea, watching a film, attending a community event, participating in a hobby, game or any other enjoyable social activity.

Click here for more details.


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