Better Together 2020 – be part of a national conversation for LGBTI+ change

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The Equality Project launched the third national LGBTIQ+ Conference, Better Together, taking place in Melbourne at Williamstown Town Hall on 10-11th January 2020.

Dean from MAD Wednesdays spoke to Jason Tuazon-McCheyne at the launch about why the conference and the conversations that take place and stem from it are so important.

It’s not about having all the answers, but creating the space to ask questions and have discussions. The goal is to create a truly intersectional discussion about achieving meaningful social change.

Through this we can create a fairer, more equal and more just Australia through a national conference called Better Together.

Registrations & scholarships are now open to be a part of Better Together 2020, as is the opportunity to propose a session to take place during the weekend.

Find out more details here.