Breakfast vs Drive – how far will we go to beat The Murphys?

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The Murphys have thrown down the gauntlet for a Breakfast VS Drive Radiothon Challenge this year, and MAD Wednesday is stepping up to the plate, not only cos we love JOY, but we want to beat The Murphys!

Breakfast & Drive are running a tally of how many memberships they can get during Radiothon, and the losers have to sing Whitney Houstons ‘I will always love you’ but instead sing ‘I will always love JOY’ outside and record it … but that’s hardly a challenge for Dean Arcuri, so he better up his game.

Joined by the former Monday morning Breakfast Crew Luke Mitchell and Rachel Morrison, Dean threw down the gauntlet, and if they receive 50 memberships in total over the two Radiothon MAD Wednesdays, he will hot wax his bum hole (like in that scene from 40 year old virgin). Luke has committed to getting a piercing, he is unsure where yet, and Rachwill get JOY tattooed on her face… in henna!

What better way to support JOY, humiliate Dean and beat The Murphys at the same time than to become a member today.

During this weeks show they raised $686 in donations and 16 memberships – only 34 more to go!

JOY Radiothon is here, and some of you may have noticed it’s happening earlier than usual and yes, the timing is less than ideal but… to be perfectly frank we have to go ahead with our campaign during this time if we have any hope of staying on-air and afloat during these uncertain times.

From our total income sources every year Radiothon typically makes up around 30%. We know that less than 1% of our 589,000 listeners support us financially ..and if every listener donated the price of a cup of coffee during Radiothon we’d be able to keep the station running for 2 years!

Also if you would like to donate to JOY this Radiothon, why not do it during our double donation hour from 7-9am moon Friday May First, as Patrons Gary & Geoffrey match every cent donated dollar for dollar during those times.

Sign up, renew your membership or become a subscriber between April 22- May 2 to win amazing prizes this year – find out more details here.