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<3 Lordebyname of Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor (born November 7, 1996, Takapuna, New Zealand), New Zealand singer-songwriter who was known for lyrics that exhibited a mature, jaded worldview.

Lorde was raised in the suburbs of Auckland and demonstrated a knack for public performance at an early age. At age 12 she was signed to a development contract with the Universal Music Group after an agent received footage of her singing at a middle-school talent show. A lifelong fascination with royalty and aristocracy inspired her stage name, although she appended an e to the end, as she felt that “Lord” was too masculine.

This week we will be featuring her latest album Melodrama. Powered by the lead single “Green Light,” Lorde’s sophomore album, Melodrama (2017), was greeted with an overwhelmingly positive critical reception. Melodrama’s 11 songs explored themes of youth and womanhood with a sound that drew on influences ranging from modern electronic dance music to retro Europop to the soaring vocals of early Kate Bush. <3

Ep 33

00:03:30 – Lorde – Green Light

00:07:19 – Lorde – Sober

00:10:30 – Lorde – Homemade Dynamite

00:13:34 – Lorde – The Louvre

00:17:49 – Lorde – Liability

00:20:28 – Lorde – Hard Feelings / Loveless

00:26:13 – Lorde – Sober II (Melodrama)

00:28:57 – Lorde – Writer In The Dark

00:31:32 – Lorde – Supercut

00:36:50 – Lorde – Liability (Reprise)

00:39:02 – Lorde – Perfect Places


Transitional Audio Clips

60 Minutes – Lorde opens up on the meaning of her hit song Liability – YouTube

Lorde Interview on Australia TV (2017)  – YouTube

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – FEBRUARY 02: Lorde performs live on stage during the Laneway Festival on February 2, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images)



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