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In-Kind Donations

JOY 94.9 must continually invest in new and upgraded studio, IT and broadcast transmission equipment. The station only has access to limited funds and depends on the generosity of its members and friends to fund some of the more costly items of expenditure. Some donate cash; others donate services, labour and professional services; or working IT or broadcasting components.

Key areas of expenditure for funds or in-kind service donations include:

  • maintenance of existing broadcasting technology
  • replacement of aging studio equipment
  • upgrading of broadcast facilities as technology advances
  • upgrading of supporting IT facilities (servers, digital storage medium, software, etc.)
  • continual upgrade of equipment in our Transmission chain and transmission site
  • training for new IT applications
  • preparation for digital broadcasting
  • support of corporate business systems

JOY relies on your support to survive. By your donation, you can help us to ensure that JOY continues to provide a diverse range of relevant programs, arts and culture, music, and news that connects, informs and entertains our community. If you would like to contribute towards our wishlist please contact tech@joy.org.au.

Studio 1 and 3 (Main Broadcast Studios)

Timeframe: November 2013

The replacement of ageing equipment in the two main broadcasting studios allows you to continue enjoying the very best of JOY programming. Having well serviced CD players and high quality telephone lines means we can bring you a great mix of music and news & current affairs programs. The station uses heavy-grade industry machines, yet no matter how good they are with the high level of spins around the clock they need to be updated every 2-4 years. 

Studio 4 (Production Studio)

Check out  the Tech Drive 2012 fundraising effort to improve Studio 4.

Outside Broadcast Equipment

Timeframe: End 2013

We always need to improve the way we deal with boradcasts when away from the studio, the list below details some of our requirements to keep bringing your great radio from the field.

  • 3 x Wireless in-ear Monitoring System – $1200

General Station Requirements

Timeframe: During 2013

General studio requirements include miscellaneous works that will put the final touches on our broadcast studios.

  • Building of Meeting/Training room – $10,000
  • Full Station Test and Tag – $5000
  • First Aid Kit in metal, wall-mountable cabinet – $350
  • Platform Trolley for transport of Outside Broadcast equipment – $500
  • New Broadcast Logging System – Real Time access to Logs – $5,000
  • Redundant/Failover Broadcast Transmission equipment – $8,000


Other items around the station such as those listed below, allow our presenters to continue to produce the best quality content.

  • New PC’s for volunteer use for show preparation etc  x 10
    • Intel Dual Core 2 Duo (minimum)
    • 4Gb RAM minimum
    • In general – being capable of running Windows 7
  • Additional Storage to allow for longer term archival of material, and for show preparations etc

Thank you

The following people and companies have generously contributed to our fundraising efforts and enabled us to purchase and install items essential to our continued broadcasting:

  • Colin Krycer – Studio 1, 2 and 3 amplifiers and speakers
  • Tim Lennox – Studio 2 audio editing computer
  • Trevor Whittaker – Studio 2 desk design & installation
  • General fundraising – Studio 2 desk (materials & carpentry) & 4 x Denon CD Players, Audio Logger refresh
  • Miles Tobias & Milestone Engineering – Studio 2, Kitchen & Master Control Electrical Works
  • Community Broadcasting Foundation – Microwave link installation
  • Chris Furneaux & Dean Murphy – Dishwasher for Volunteer use
  • Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation – Two Outside Broadcast Codecs
  • Victorian State Government – Air-conditioning & sealing of Master Control Room
  • GH Hotel – Two Comrex 2-line hybrids, Digital Clocks
  • IBM – File-Server & Mass-Storage

And big thanks to Factory Sound in South Melbourne, Warehouse Sound Systems in Fitzroy and Radio Parts in West Melbourne for always doing “special deals” for Community Broadcasters… if you ask nicely!