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Lovely Canadian-Australian trio Belle Miners return to Miss Chatelaine and the talk turns to Pride March, pillow fights, the arts scene in Broome, a rainbow Lycra bodysuit, and the upcoming concert on Katie’s birthday featuring a line-up of fabulous Australian queer women and allies! Here is the playlist:

  • American Spirit – Washington
  • Who I Was – Belle Miners
  • Knock Me Off My Feet – SOAK
  • Lips So Sweet – Kerryn Fields
  • Here and Now – Tanya Ransom
  • Butterfly Milk – Lottie Liams
  • Fall in Love with Me – Belle Miners
  • Diggin’ Holes – Great Aunt
  • Night Flight – Belle Miners

Visit Belle Miners’ official website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Photo of Belle Miners (above) by Betty Sujecki – please check out the Miss Chatelaine guests FB photo album for more pics.


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Katie Purvis is a long-time JOY presenter and former leader of JOY's Social Media Team. She currently hosts Miss Chatelaine (Sundays 9–11am), a show devoted to folk, roots, acoustic and pop music. The tracks on her playlists are mostly new, mostly Australian, mostly independent releases, and often by LGBTIQ artists.


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