/ Miss Chatelaine / Music / Indigo Girls special – Show #159 (part 2), 28 June 2020


Katie is joined by New York correspondent and huge Indigo Girls fan Mark Blankenship for a deep dive into the music and meaning of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers’ long-running duo. They talk about the albums Rites of Passage, Swamp Ophelia, Shaming of the Sun, Look Long and more; Amy and Emily’s activism and their collaborations with other artists; and the rise of queer voices in country/Americana music. Katie and Mark also work out whether they are an ‘Amy’ or an ‘Emily’; Mark shares his experience of growing up queer and loving country music in the south of the US; and Katie marvels at Mark’s perfect recall of the lyrics of ‘Ghost’. Here is the playlist:

  • Closer to Fine – Indigo Girls
  • Least Complicated – Indigo Girls
  • Get Out the Map – Indigo Girls
  • Ghost – Indigo Girls
  • Dear Mr President – Pink ft. Indigo Girls
  • Country Radio – Indigo Girls

Photo of Indigo Girls (above) by Jeremy Cowart

Mark Blankenship is a New York–based podcaster and writer who co-hosts the podcast Mark and Sarah Talk About Songs (MASTAS) with Sarah D. Bunting; visit MASTAS’s Patreon page and follow the podcast on Facebook and Twitter. He also hosts the iHeartRadio Showtune Countdown podcast and is the founder and editor of the new publication The Flashpaper: Theatre’s Thoughts on Right Now. Follow Mark on Twitter.

Read ‘The Countermelodies that Changed Us: A Lifetime of Loving Indigo Girls’ by Karen Tongson at NPR.


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Katie Purvis is a long-time JOY presenter and former leader of JOY's Social Media Team. She currently hosts Miss Chatelaine (Sundays 9–11am), a show devoted to folk, roots, acoustic and pop music. The tracks on her playlists are mostly new, mostly Australian, mostly independent releases, and often by LGBTIQ artists.


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