/ Miss Chatelaine / Music / Someone – Show #163 (part 1), 26 July 2020


The pandemic hasn’t stopped musicians from releasing gorgeous new music! In the first hour of today’s show, Katie plays new and recent releases by artists from Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Japan, the USA, Canada. Here is the playlist:

  • Mother of Muses – Bob Dylan
  • The Way You Make Love – Ayane Yamazaki
  • Hello in There – Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
  • It’s Not Enough – Julian Taylor
  • Euphoria – Woodes
  • The Creatures – Kyle Taylor
  • Tick Tock – Loren Kate
  • Mint Condition – Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission
  • Someone – Nectr
  • You’re My Colour – Josh Pyke
  • Kitchen Song – Gena Rose Bruce

Above: Nectr’s ‘Someone’ single artwork by Nectr


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Katie Purvis is a long-time JOY presenter and former leader of JOY's Social Media Team. She currently hosts Miss Chatelaine (Sundays 9–11am), a show devoted to folk, roots, acoustic and pop music. The tracks on her playlists are mostly new, mostly Australian, mostly independent releases, and often by LGBTIQ artists.


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