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Musical and life partners Leesa Gentz and Julz Parker are the prime movers behind all-female blues-roots band Hussy Hicks. Normally based on the Gold Coast, they are currently riding out the pandemic in their northern New South Wales studio. Katie chats to them about their excellent new album, Gather Up the People, and about adjusting to life without constant touring and gigging. There are beautiful tracks by other artists, too! Here is the playlist:

  • Save Myself – Ashe
  • Evergreen – Leah Senior
  • Drawbridge – Westerman
  • Mountain Peak – Hussy Hicks
  • Hid Myself – Hussy Hicks
  • Wilsons River Blues – Hussy Hicks
  • The Beauty of Everyday Things – Luka Bloom
  • Love Out Loud – Sonia Disappear Fear

Visit Hussy Hicks’ official website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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Katie Purvis is a long-time JOY presenter and former leader of JOY's Social Media Team. She currently hosts Miss Chatelaine (Sundays 9–11am), a show devoted to folk, roots, acoustic and pop music. The tracks on her playlists are mostly new, mostly Australian, mostly independent releases, and often by LGBTIQ artists.


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