Story for the kids – Show #196 (part 2), 25 April 2021


The second hour of today’s show features gorgeous songs by an English guitar maestro, a Perth-based alt-pop band, a blues/soul band based in central-west New South Wales, a Sydney-based country-folk singer-songwriter, a Sydney shoegaze trio, a legend of the Melbourne folk music scene, the Canadian patron saint of this radio show, and more! Here is the playlist:

  • Friends – John Smith
  • Young in Love – Joan & The Giants
  • Let the River Go – The Safety of Life at Sea
  • Story for the Kids – Arna Georgia
  • Lonelier Than You – Jordan Merrick
  • Suzy Says – Grids & Dots
  • Brighter Day – Goldfynch
  • Barefoot (live) – k.d. lang
  • Keeping All the Cannons Clean – Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission
  • Track Her Down – Lloyd Spiegel

Above: Arna Georgia’s Yes Girl album cover; design by Dan Stanley, photo by Freddy Morales