First show from Victorian Pride Centre – Show #203 (part 2), 20 June 2021


In the second hour of her first broadcast from the JOY studios in the pre-opening stage of the brand-new Victorian Pride Centre in Melbourne’s St Kilda, Katie plays gorgeous tunes by artists from Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, the USA and Canada. Here is the playlist:

  • Takotsubo – Nicole McKinney
  • Derail – Strange River
  • Poets Troubadours & Me – Kelly Brouhaha
  • Melbourne Town – Dominic Finley
  • Yellow – Maddie Jackway
  • ’S iomadh rud tha dhìth orm / Ciamar a nì mi ’n dannsa dìreach – Rhiannon Giddens
  • Paint – Voye ft. Matilda Duncan
  • Calling All Angels – k.d. lang & Jane Siberry
  • Arrested – HETHA

Above: Photo of Katie in the new JOY studio by Betty Sujecki