Raise your hand – Show #207 (part 2), 18 July 2021


With Melbourne back in lockdown, Katie – as always – turns to music to nourish her soul and the souls of her listeners. In this hour, she plays songs about living life to the fullest, trying to reconcile tragedy and joy, the natural drama that happens in small Australian country towns, the plight of asylum seekers, summer love, speaking out, and lots more. There’s also a great new remix of the theme song of the show! Here is the playlist:

  • Never Let You Go – Hannah Acfield
  • Sanctuary – Hiss Golden Messenger
  • Drive – Larissa Tandy
  • I Feel Love – Josh Orange
  • Mother of Exiles – Natalie D-Napoleon
  • Driving Along the Forest Land – Len Dreams
  • Confused by Early Signs – Trash Springfield
  • Raise Your Hand – Vika & Linda
  • Wide Eyed Wandering Child – Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  • Miss Chatelaine (Iron Hoof Remix) – k.d. lang & Orville Peck

Above: Vika & Linda’s The Wait album cover; photography by Lisa Businovski