I will be your shield – Show #208 (part 2), 25 July 2021


The second hour today features some incredible new music by artists from Melbourne, Nashville, the UK, Dublin and Los Angeles – including a wonderful new tune for our times by the great Billy Bragg from his forthcoming album The Million Things That Never Happened. Here is the playlist:

  • Playground – ere lo
  • I Will Be Your Shield – Billy Bragg
  • If I Could Be Your Lover – The Winnie Blues
  • Get It Right – Elle Bird
  • Mother Please – Riley Catherall
  • Bones – Telenova
  • Heaven on Earth – Paula Standing
  • Cherry in Tacoma – Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  • My Brilliant Friend – Saint Sister
  • You’ve Got a Woman – Natalie Bergman & Beck

Above: Billy Bragg’s The Million Things That Never Happened album cover; photo by Jill Furmanovsky, design by Chemical X