Harper Bloom – Show #209 (part 2), 1 August 2021


Katie welcomes local queer singer-songwriter Harper Bloom to JOY as her first guest at the new studios in the Victorian Pride Centre. They chat about Harper’s great new EP, Faith, Sex and Skin; about her home town, Perth; about the uncertainty of scheduling gigs amidst snap lockdowns; and how great it is to talk in person rather than on technology! Here is the playlist:

  • Road to Avalon – Ida Mae
  • Blue Valentine – Telenova
  • Sunflower Girl – Harper Bloom
  • Catfish– Harper Bloom (live in the studio)
  • Love Slow – Harper Bloom
  • If I Could Start Today Again – Alex the Astronaut
  • Walk My Way – Harper Bloom (live in the studio)

Visit Harper Bloom’s official website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Above: Photo of Harper Bloom and Katie by Betty Sujecki – please visit the Miss Chatelaine Facebook photo album for more pics!