Bottle it up – Show #210 (part 2), 8 August 2021


In the second hour Katie is feeling much more cheerful as she plays songs by artists from Nashville, Brisbane, Melbourne, Dublin and Sydney – including a lush track by Yola and a cracking new track from friends-of-the-show Charm of Finches. She also reminisces about some great times she has had at live performances, in this time where we can’t go to see anything. Here is the playlist:

  • Now You’re Here – Yola
  • The Only Way I Know – Zander Rhodes
  • Demons Will Win – Sue Ray
  • Who Are You Running From? – Riley Catherall
  • Canyon – Charm of Finches
  • The Place That I Work – Saint Sister
  • Run River – Southey
  • Forgot to Love You – Hollie Col
  • Bottle It Up – Riley Pearce ft. Greta Stanley
  • Him – Ngaiire

Above: Riley Pearce’s ‘Bottle It Up’ single cover by Stinker Squiggles