Come and play – Show #210 (part 1), 8 August 2021


In today’s first hour Katie is a bit grumpy, but the music cheers her up, as always – as do several beautiful messages from listeners. She plays songs about the beauty and sadness of ageing, feeling lost and alienated from the world during lockdown, dancing off the anxiety of dating, putting on a good face for your loved ones, and more. Hm, is anyone else seeing a theme here? Here is the playlist:

  • Miss Chatelaine (St Tropez Mix) – k.d. lang
  • Grown Ups – Fanny Lumsden
  • Fire Eyes – Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks
  • Little Liars – Ida Mae
  • Jesus Take the Wheel – Bill Jackson
  • Stranger in My Skin – Romanie
  • Come and Play – Finn
  • Said Too Much – Nidala
  • Keep It Together – Four in the Morning
  • That Spell – Andrea von Kampen

Above: Finn’s ‘Come and Play’ single cover