Crooked river – Show #214 (part 1), 5 September 2021


Lots of beautiful female voices in the first hour today, plus a gorgeous instrumental from one of Australia’s most respected screen composers, a very ‘Marvin Gaye’ track by NSW singer-songwriter Declan Kelly, and more. There’s also a bit more footy talk and plenty of messages from the Miss Chatelaine family! Here is the playlist:

  • Miss Chatelaine – k.d. lang
  • Whispers in the Rain – Montgomery Church
  • High Free Blue – Emily Soon
  • Line on the Page – Ida Mae
  • Detour – Ainslie Wills & Old Sea Brigade
  • Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) – Andrea von Kampen
  • Crooked River – Richard Pleasance
  • Headlock – Declan Kelly
  • The Collector – Josienne Clarke
  • Prototype – Jade Bird

Above: Richard Pleasance’s Crooked River album cover artwork by Michelle Pleasance