Chosen family – Show #220 (part 2), 21 November 2021


In this hour you’ll hear songs about the joy of finding your chosen family, femininity in all its forms, sadness at the way humans treat the earth and all its creatures, two brothers and a crime gone wrong, a love story set in different parts of Victoria, reclaiming your autonomy, and more. Here is the playlist:

  • Chosen Family – Rina Sawayama with Elton John
  • Modern Woman – Erin Rae
  • The Whole World Is Dreaming – Mark Seymour & the Undertow ft. Missy Higgins
  • Stranglehold – Katankin
  • Little Earl – The Delines
  • Macedon – Tom Mac
  • You Don’t Have Me – Louise Gaul
  • You and Me on the Rock – Brandi Carlile ft. Lucius
  • The War – Colin Lillie
  • Guilty as Charged – Lynchburg

Above: Rina Sawayama and Elton John’s ‘Chosen Family’ cover art by Parent Company